Their croissants are so expensive!

“Their croissants are so expensive!”

That’s what Josh said the other day when we were ordering lunch at this place on Central called Penne Bianco (great food!). He was actually talking about the croissants at La Grande Orange. A restaurant/deli/pizza shop in the Arcadia district of Phoenix. So after we get our food we sit outside and we’re just about to eat when this guy walks up and says: “can I ask you a question about the croissants?” And we’re like, “ok, sure.” How often does somebody ask you that?? Turns out he owns La Grande Orange. His name was Craig. It was actually pretty cool because he only wanted to get feedback on what we thought of his place (I haven’t been but hear it’s great).

We asked him about his web site (he doesn’t have one) but he said he’s interested in offering online ordering. Well, I thought he was. Josh didn’t. Goes to show perceptions of a conversation can be completely different depending on your point of view. I gave him my card. He didn’t offer us a discount or anything.

Top observations from the first 35 days of 2005:

#1. Everybody and his brother decided to build a website this month and it’s tough to meet the demand. This everybody guy is busy these days.

#2. I’m getting referrals from two people into this one company in town. It must mean something.

#3. Turning the chat client to “not available” or “away” sure has an impact on productivity. People still contact me but they organize their questions better and usually think I’m not there. Haha…

#4. I want to learn Macromedia Flex. Trouble is, I’m not interested in spending the time or the money. You can do some really cool stuff with it.

#5. I want to get another dog.

#6. The coffee at Einstein’s Bagels is better, cheaper than Starbucks, and you can fill up your cup as much as you want without paying extra (it’s called a bottomless cup for a reason). It’s such a good deal compared to Starbucks and they have a bunch of different types of coffee.

#7. I have an insane desire to post photos on BrainFuel and have caption contests. I’m tempted almost every day to post a new photo but I realize that it’d just ruin it so I won’t. I’ve been saving the cool photos I find for future contests. Somebody suggested we have a prize (since it is a contest after all). I have a PowerBook sitting around, any interest? Hehe, just kidding on that.

#8. Ok, last thing… I finally got my car washed and cleaned up after what must have been six-months. It is so different. The car is shiny and I have to squint when I look at it. The wheels are especially silvery. Real chrome! They were almost black. Just a tip, the White Glove car wash in the Pavilions has free WiFi! Yeah, guess how I discovered that. Now you can get a car wash & be productive at the same time. What will they think of next?

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