The New Sapient

I ran across the new Sapient web site the other day and thought it was pretty cool. A couple of interesting things to note, however. The apparent lack of a decent title tag on the homepage (what’s up with “Home”). I like the sub navigation. Nicely done, strong colors, very “print-like.”

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  1. I’d really like to see Jeff chime in on this one, seeing how he has a history with them.

    Also, turn off javascript and try loading the page. That was a bold move…

  2. I find it interesting that you like the look of this site. I find it very old school, early 1999/2000 looking. Most text is images and the images are slightly blurry. The use of the old school Down arrows…I mean…c’mon. The size differnce in the thumbnail of tPacificorp and G4. The crude Abrupt stop to the bottom of the site and having it floating in a sea of dull grey…The huge Tagline in the red background could not be more unappealing especially with the yellow bar beneath it with…moving text…which I can barely read because the area of moving text is so small.A horrible color scheme…what is that color scheme…barf? Red, yellow, orange, maroon and oh yeah, white! and why is the G4 Logo so much bigger then the little Pacificorp logo…and what is with the Star Alliance logo all blurred and barely visable.

    This may be the ugliest website I have seen in the corporate world…maybe not the worst but definately in the top 10. Geez, can’t beleive you liked this.

  3. Bill, that’s fair. I like the design a lot and would take some inspiration from it. I think there are some distracting elements from it, but it is creative and I like that. I like the sub navigation at the top of the page on sub pages.

    Thanks for the review.

  4. first of all it blows and to have a site that represents who you are, what your do, and how you are as a company is utterly inconceivable. I’ve seen kids do better graphics in a garage.

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