The Look and Sound of Perfect

Here’s an interesting site built by the consortium of HD DVD. The Flash work is really slick.

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  1. I was looking at that site a while ago. I thought it was visually appealing however I found it sort of pointless to show clips of movies in the way that they were.

    They were ‘showing’ you what HD dvd could do over the interent, which is useless since they cant show you in HD or in 7.1. My opinion anyways.

  2. I do understand that HD DVD should be better than regular DVD, and correct me if I’m wrong, but won’t most movies not be able to make use of the clarity of HD since they’re no filmed in HD to begin with?

    Nice site though. 🙂

  3. I’m not a professional film guy but 35mm film stock is actually higher resolution than HD. It doesn’t actually have a pixel value but maps to 1080p HD pretty well as I believe computer graphics are rendered for film output starting at “2K” or 2048×1080 pixels, or slightly higher than 1080p HD which is 1920×1080. Check out the digital projection section in this wikipedia article.

    Some movies, more and more these days, are actually being shot with HD cameras, such as recent movies by George Lucas, Michael Mann, and Robert Rodriguez.

  4. You do still notice a difference though between the films shot digitally and those on film. The older film technology and camera technology won’t allow it to look quite as clear as the HD digital stuff.

    We were watching 5th element on BD and then Black Hawk Down. And the differences were astounding. Even though both were 1080.

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