The Jeep

The Jeep web site has better subpages than it does a homepage, but that doesn’t prevent me from giving it five stars or two enthusiastic thumbs up.

There’s just so much great detail in this layout. I mean, just look at the way they did the navigation system and made about 20 different navigation options look great. It does not overwhelm me and I actually feel like exploring. Good job, Jeep.

3 responses to “The Jeep”

  1. Heh, actually I’m not buying a new car right now. I just like looking at cool web sites and the automotive industry changes a lot so they tend to redesign every year. It’s weird.

  2. You know the thing I tend to notice about websites for specific products (or in some cases brands) is that they’re treated less like a website for say…a corporation, and more like a disposable ad campaign. I see this a lot for albums of major label bands. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, it keeps things fresh.

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