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For negotiating, business finances, branding and identity, and balancing your life and clients (if you have a life)

Jim Collins dot com – New!
Resources for CEO’s.

A List Apart Business Articles – New!
Some good resources here folks; everything from business automation to time management.

Printing quotes, how to request them: The perfect RFQHere’s an excellent example of what to include in an RFQ you’re sending to a printer.

Work-For-Hire: a definition
A good article over at AIGA’s GAIN about the term "Work-For-Hire" and what it means for you.

Creative Business MagazineThe definative guide to running and managing a create business.

Can Your Business Survive Without You?
If not, it’s time you trained an employee to do your job in your absence.

How to create a marketing plan
This handy guide from shows you the guts to building a plan for marketing.

An article about branding.

Brainstorming how-to
I’m convinced nobody knows how to brainstorm. So we’re gonna show everybody how it should work. Just give us a few months to prep everything!!!

Change your sales technique
People want to do business with friends. Live with it. This article tells you the different ways people win new business. It is all pretty obvious stuff, but Jeffrey Gitomer said it.

Negotiation Skills Company Questions & Answers
Negotiating. Who likes that? Ugh. This site has some good Q&A that might help tweak your skills.

Freelance Clients Talk Price (at
This article has some helpful ‘do’s and don’ts’ for dealing with clients and pricing.

Email marketing (some common sense)
Everybody should follow this advice.

Win-Win Negotiating
Offers some good tips about telling clients why your price is so high.

What if Sony were to open a theme park?
Asks a fascinating question

Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame
I think the oddest is Alka Seltzer for 1976… "Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is."

Sam Walton’s Rules for Building a Business
From the biggest company in the world.

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