The Breakfast of Champions

If Wheaties is the “Breakfast of Champions” what is the lunch of champions? Is breakfast really important and is there truth in the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

2 responses to “The Breakfast of Champions”

  1. I really can’t comment on the Wheaties bit because we don’t get it in South Africa, but with regards to breakfast being the most important meal, I’d agree.

    It gets your metabolism awake and working early in the day and that means that the food you eat for the rest of the day will be used in the ways it should be (ie energy, vitamins etc) from the start of your day. If you have your first meal at like 12 or 1pm, then your body only wakes up and starts using the food late in the day…

    I’m not health fundi, but it does all seem logical.

  2. That does sound logical. I can tell you from experience that eating is important. After a bad experience yesterday where I didn’t remember to eat dinner. Today I have eaten breakfast AND (get this) lunch! Sounds stupid but it’s important.

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