Thanksgiving Pie and Turkey

A few years ago I bought some pumpkin and pecan pies and brought them into the office. I stocked up on whipped cream and made hot apple cider. It was sort of a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving Day and the Christmas season at the office (just not on Thanksgiving).

The only trouble was that the pies were loaded with sugar and once you had a slice you had this strange energy low. Our productivity followed a bell curve straight down. By mid afternoon nobody was getting anything done. The sugar high that resulted blew our productivity.

I hope that’s not what happens today when we cook a turkey here at the office. We’re going to actually throw it into a frier. I’ve never done that so thankfully I’m not in charge of that part of the process. Then we’re cooking up a big batch of mashed potatos, some salad, pies, rolls, and even stuffing. It’s going to be a great time.

6 responses to “Thanksgiving Pie and Turkey”

  1. “…big batch of mashed potatos, some salad, pies, rolls, and even stuffing…”

    I’m getting sleepy just reading this.

    Be careful with that fried turkey. That’s one of those exact science kinda deals that if done even a little wrong can have hellish outcomes — seriously.

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