Tabasco Hot Sauce


Somebody spent a lot of time designing the Tabasco web site. Did you also know that you can buy Tabasco by the gallon, too?

3 responses to “Tabasco Hot Sauce”

  1. Yeh, baby. Tabasco sells all kinds of stuff in their stores that you can’t get in all the “normal” locations. My wife and I go to the store here (there’s only one in Houston — or just outside Houston in Clear Lake) every so often. ON our last trip, we bought a couple of cookbooks. Coolest recipes (and surprisingly very tasty) were from the dessert section — Tabasco brownies and Tabsco orange bunt cake.

    Yum yumm…

    Even my wife, who’s not big on the spicy, enjoyed.

  2. You could also get the woman in your life the same Tabasco swimsuit that was used in last years Superbowl add. 😉

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