It’s rare that such a cool, amazing, and refined web site is produced, but the new Storyville web site is exactly that. The detail put into this web site, from the superb videos to the cool homepage city corner graphic make it happen. Thanks to Jason Kirtley for sending this one in.

Be sure to watch the videos. The first one labeled “The Truth” is a silent rant against Starbucks, which roasts coffee dark. Quite humorous. The video quality is superb. Site is by Wiretree.

One response to “Storyville”

  1. “The Truth” was very humorous indeed, I especially liked the Lady’s comments. 🙂

    Big Coffee wants to suck your brain out and then wants to inject your brain back with Big Coffee… does that make sense?

    “The Method” video was pretty cool too. I wish they had a similar one for making optimal green tea.

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