Steal Your Heart

We get our fair of strange prospects. Today was no different. We took a call from someone wanting to create a dating web site for prison inmates.


I asked what he was going to do since prisoners don’t have access to the internet in the U.S., and he said that it would all be handled via postal letter.

Now that he has that sorted out, I wonder who would want to date a former convict. Wow.

7 responses to “Steal Your Heart”

  1. Maybe it was more for matching cons with other cons, not folks on the outside?

    I wonder if “years till you get out” is a line on the sign-up form. Hehehehe

  2. It could be called “Outside looking In” for people who are clearly masochistic. Unless its for inter (or intra if thats your thing) prison dating.

  3. There are a disturbing number of sites like this out there as it is. We did some research on them at my company based on a similar prospect. The only thing that sticks out to me to this day was the profile of a woman named Nichole. She preferred to be called by her nickname. What was her nickname?

    Neck Hole.

    That’s right, call me Neck Hole boys!

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