Starting Up

Over the course of the last year I’ve immersed myself in the world of startups. For years I’ve wanted to do a web application but I was always too busy. But that’s part of the lesson about startups. Despite how busy you are, you have to start.

My startup is called Minuteglass and it is quite simply a tool for tracking time. I’ve used or tried dozens of time tracking applications over the years and Minuteglass is our response to the question of “what could be better in time tracking.”

I’m so excited by time tracking that I started a blog devoted to the topic.

Currently Minuteglass is in private beta. We’ve released to a few select friends and as soon as we have our bug list whittled down we will be releasing to our 500+ person beta invite list. Right now we have 49 bugs / improvements we’re working on.

Most startup founders are programmers or business guys. I’m different in that I’m a user interface designer. While I’d love to be a developer I wouldn’t trade what I do for the ability to code. I love approaching the world from a design perspective.

In the coming months, I hope to share more about Minuteglass and the process I’ve gone through to get to this point (along with my excellent team).

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  1. Starting up is hard to do. Keep it up and get more people using it. I have found that when people use your service, you really get motivated to keep the ball rolling.

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