Starbucks’ The Red Cup

What the purpose is of The Red Cup I don’t know. It’s a Starbucks run site which means that it’s about coffee. The site is really random in that it has very little content. There’s a short blurb that says you can expect something new every day.

9 responses to “Starbucks’ The Red Cup”

  1. Maybe this is supposed to function like Burger King’s subserviant chicken, like a disposable single-use campaign?

  2. I love their new micro-site! It’s for the Holiday season, very cute and festive. I just went to my starbucks this morning and they now have the red cups in stores.

  3. Starbucks has done the red cups for many years… it’s the designs and quotes that change… not that I used to work for ’em… no siree.

    I agree with the uselessness of the site. Sure it’s an interesting advertising campaign geared to gain exposure for the holiday season, but did it really need it’s own domain? C’mon.. everything there could have been done through the starbucks domain and gain the same effect…

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