Some fast screens

I like the new Burger King coffee cup.

Nicely designed screen on McDonalds’ site.

I wonder when Wendy’s will redesign their logo?

Dunkin’ Donuts is really going after the coffee market. Their whole web site is about coffee and not donuts. I found the photo of a police car quite funny.

6 responses to “Some fast screens”

  1. Perhaps, Wendy’s should go the way of Jeeves (as in Ask Jeeves) and get axed from the logo?

    Poor Jeeves…

    I do like that coffee cup font too.

  2. I actually think getting rid of Jeeves was smart. I don’t know why but it probably helps them get past the idea most people have that you “Ask” a question rather than search. Who knows. For me personally it elivated them in my mind. Did you know they own Bloglines now?

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