Sith Sense

I have no idea how Burger King got such a good domain name. Sith Sense is a great little site that brings in the Burger King and has some fun with Darth Vader. Good times.

Hat tip: Tom

By Chris Tingom

Principal of Tornado Design, a Phoenix, AZ based web consultancy

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I forgot to add, that I’m not sure if the Burger King one does this but the original version (online) actually learns if you give it correct answers.

Actually, [20q] DID licence this. I have the pocket version, though, and it seems they have upgraded this edition to include [STAR WARS] items (eg: a Lightsabre)

HA! I played this game 68.3 times, and I can prove that it does NOT learn (no IA) like the one on I did “TI-Fighter” multiple times & it never got it

sith sense is cool “you will make an excellent addition to the dark side” i am quite clever at school though!

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