SimpleSeating Launches, Makes Seating Charts Easy

simple seatingI had a few minutes to speak with Steve Swedler last weekend about Foolish Software’s new web application called SimpleSeating which has just launched last night.

It’s always exciting when a new web application launches, but doubly exciting when it’s from an Arizona company. Steve told me a bit of the story behind their application, and how they’re planning to get the word out to event planners and the wedding industry. They have the sort application that can reach a huge untapped market.

simple seating

SimpleSeating makes it super easy to plan an event that includes a meal. It’s perfect for weddings, conferences, or any large event that includes people sitting down around a table.

The software is entirely web based, and allows you to create a list of people and you can create a dinner package (chicken, beef, fish, vegetarian, etc.). Then you can literally drag people onto the room map, and assign them to a specific seat. It even connects two people together and keeps them seated at the same table (keeps couples and families together), even if you move one person it pulls the other along with them.

simple seating

In the above screen, you can see me building my list of people. I can check off who has confirmed and who is a “maybe.” The entire web app feels like a desktop application. It constantly saves my changes. Very intuitive.

simple seating

They have several different plans, including a free plan which lets you build a 50 person event. I used the free account to make a few screen shots. Considering the software is on the web, it will probably thrive since event planning often includes many people. A tool like this would probably make organizing a large event much easier.

I understand that future plans include the ability to zoom in and out as well as create much larger events. The current version limits an event to 350 people, so if you need more you could just create a 2nd event.

Overall a very solid product and I wish them success.

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  1. This is such a cool idea. I have personally been on the receiving end of a strangely assigned seat at 2 weddings because of mix-ups and the like, so I’m hoping that event planners make much use of this! 🙂

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