Shop Composition

Shop Composition is one of those unique sites you run across every once in a while. There’s just something about it that breaks the mold. I mean, how many sites do you see that are all Flash like this and include full screen graphics yet load almost instantly? Plus, the full sized graphics are all super-colorful, look great, and easy to get to.

5 responses to “Shop Composition”

  1. OHMYGAWD! Hey, I don’t care who brought it to whom, that site rocks! And their product is good too. Design, content, product – it’s what we all dream of. Thanks for that one.

  2. I’d be willing to bet that there is some sort of image preloader for the entire site that begins loading from an xml source when you access a parent-type-object… like if you were to look at “him”, it’d preload all the “him” image stuff.

    I dunno, DUH probably fits the description of most the crap i come up with.

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