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It’s show and tell day, or at least sharing day at BrainFuel. By popular request (well, one person anyways), we want to know from you what your favorite web apps are and especially the ones with the best user interface… and you have to tell us why. Leave a comment, and a link, in this post and if we get enough interest I’ll do a follow up post some time soon with my thoughts.

6 responses to “Share: Best Designed GUI for Web Apps”

  1. I think a good GUI can be defined in two ways:

    #1: Good organization (naming of pages and functions and general layout)

    #2: Graphical theme and buttons, navigation bars, ease of which you can get around and do things.

    Some of my favorites:

    #1: WordPress – (maybe the GUI isn’t all glossy but it’s very usable)
    #2: ProductCart – – Very nice interface and easy to get around.
    #3: Gmail – ah, – Gosh, I mean, of everything I’ve used in recent years this thing is the best.
    #4: Oddpost – – haven’t seen it recently but it was really cool years ago.
    #5: Google’s AdWords system (unlike Overture)

    Some of the worst systems I have ever seen:

    #1: Overture
    #2: PCRecruiter –
    #3: X-Cart Administrative panel –

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