Services provided in an emergency

Defining a business emergency is difficult. Usually when I’m asked by clients to provide services right away it is because of a lack of planning on their part. I’ve been a part of so many “emergencies” that I can’t really count how many.

While reading a message board this morning of some local sales pros, I ran across this service offering page. Now, if you take the time to read it you’ll see that the absolute minimum this company charges is $35,000 for a 10 hour day. Absolutely incredible. I wonder if anything like this would work in the web industry. What would a web dream team would look like in this case? Would there be a market for this?

Update: Oh, and if you want that team to work overnight it’s an extra $147,000. I’m gonna bet you can negotiate that though. Hehe.

2 responses to “Services provided in an emergency”

  1. i tried offering different levels of support like this site before, and people found it hard to understand the concept of having to pay for something fixing – the problem with our industry is tHAT PROJECTS SEEM TO BE NEVER ENDING – TO COMBAT THIS WE’VE IMposed a 2 month ‘warranty’ on everything we do, after this we charge.

  2. I wonder if people think you’re worth it just because you set such sky-high prices? Like artists asking $10k for a canvas with a few splotches of paint?
    A friend of mine who knew I knew something about computers offered me a gig with his employer to do occasional on-site tech support for $90/hour – If I only knew a couple other companies that I could rely on in addition, I would surely quit my full-time job!

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