Besides introducing some new models Segway launched a new web site last week and I thought I’d post it here and share some comments I have on the design. You can immediately tell that they’re going after the offroad market. The site just looks like Jeep or Land Rover. Brighter colors, bolder type treatments. They’ve dropped the blue color which they used exclusively.

One other interesting thing is that they’ve introduced a model for the golf course. Now this is a good idea!

2 responses to “Segway”

  1. You know what’s weird? I looked in the source, and I can’t find even a trace of a link to the CSS file. All I find are javascript refrences! Weird!

  2. I’ll never understand the segway thing. It was supposed to be this mind-blowing evolutionary invention that redefined society or whatever. What did they give us? A two wheeled, bulky, overpriced electric scooter for lazy people. Talk about reinventing the wheel.

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