Search Engine Optimization

This looks like a good article on search optimization. It’s stuff you’ve heard again and again. I thought the best parts were to avoid search engine firms that promise the world. Like top placement and saying it’ll be easy.

The best advice though? Stop worrying about your search rankings and try to improve your conversion rate. How many customers come to your web site and can’t find what they need? Or, does your product description answer the questions people typically have? Can it be better?

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  1. we use a process we call “common language” to ascertain the keyphrases relating to a sites content, then we work with the client to build a site map around these terms, then we develop the content using these terms – the process works really well.

  2. Search Engine Optimization is a highly specialized technology, and requires deep understand regarding various aspects of search engine optimization.

    Most of the companies which end up paying thousands of dollars for competitive keywords have little knowledge on how their money should be spent wisely. On certain websites even 500 back links can beat 20000 back links of a powerful and established website on various earch engines.

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