Scribd launched (today?) and it’s a site for finding and sharing documents. The interface is nearly perfect. I’m loving the layout. Neat stuff.

Oh, and check out how well it embeds a document (Andrew sent me this one).

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  1. I like it very much. It was much better if al tekst documents opens in Flashpaper.

  2. There is another cool new company in this space. It is called OpenFloodgate. Their slogan is, “Opening the path to publication to everyone.” This site now allows you to share your work (anything that can be uploaded as a doc or pdf) and will soon allow you to sell it. Also, you can make each work public, private, or only available to a select “club.” Check it out at

  3. Kudos to OpenFloodgate for developing their own viewer, but client-side image resizing isn’t really up to scratch when it comes to images of text (I couldn’t read the page till I zoomed to 100%).

    Perhaps they could take a page from Google and Amazon’s book. When you zoom in or out, they do an instant client-side resize, but then load a correctly resized and anti-aliased image over the top.

  4. lots of fun finds,more interesting and less of a guilty pleasure than bumbleing around on youtube.

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