I remember years ago when every project wasn’t a “rush” project. Those were the days.

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  1. nice.

    yeah, even if i could, i can’t cuz i’m not making enough on my projects yet to be able to make more time without going bankrupt. lol.

    soon enough – i have a plan in place. mwah ha ha ha ha!!!

    a wonderful plan to make more money. those always are the best ones, you know!

  2. In my day job as a graphic designer I suffer from this as well. When I started my career 25 years ago. Projects were measured in weeks even months.

    Now I find it not unusual for clients to ask for projects with deadlines measured in days and even hours…

    Sort of like Moore’s Law…exponential shrinkage


  3. Technology allows me to send copy halfway around the world at the push of a button.

    Sadly, I don’t think any faster than I used to.

    From the “how quaint” department: when I started this 20+ years ago, I actually charged “rush” fees on some jobs…

  4. Really, you had days that weren’t rushed? That’s not how adults typically work. Everything adults do is typically rushed, it’s called ‘just in time’ action.

  5. Rushes are fun. Since I now work in pseudo-corporate land, I get submitted design requests. But every one I get is always a rush, to try to put it on the top of the stack of everything else already in the queue. I try to explain to people that if very design request I get is a rush then nothing is a rush. It cracks me up.

    Now not only is it a “rush” but it’s a “hot rush” or “super duper hot rush”!

  6. Angie, that’s right on. The other thing is false deadlines. People tell you they need it by Friday, but they actually don’t really need it until the next Wednesday.

    People hand out so much stuff as rush these days, that they get used to people not meeting deadlines. So what happens is they give out false deadlines.

  7. Yep, every time the CEO comes to me and tells me he needs something I say, “ok, whens it need to be done?” and he replies, “Yesterday”….

    it’s like a Dilbert comic…

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