Reinvigorate Statistics Service

I received a login for the new statistics tool called Reinvigorate (in Beta now) and decided to take a few screenshots. Overall, I was impressed with how it all works and runs and wish them success in a rather competitive market.

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  1. Hey Chris, let me know how you like the service. I’ve been looking for an alternative to Google Analytics and submitted a request to be notified when their next round of beta testing starts.

  2. I’d seen reinvigorate around the web several months ago. Just got my invite today and I am thoroughly impressed. I’m still running Google Analytics in parallel with it, but might be making the jump soon.

  3. I’ve been in reinvigorate for two months and a half. Since mid-april it’s totally broken, don’t know why.

    It just not only reports much less visitors than Analytics, what could be discussed. It does not report all the visits, as I’ve seen as I have full access to my Apache web server logs. I don’t know if it’s overloaded or what, but the fact it is that it’s doesn’t work properly.

    I’m hoping they solve it in a short time -I’ve send them a couple of mails: no answer-, because otherwise I’m giving up.

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