Red Bull Flug Tag

My best score was 110.35 ft, how about you?

Any AZ folks going next Saturday (Apr 29 at Tempe Town Lake)? BrainFuel’s gonna be there so if you plan to attend let us know and we’ll meet up.

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  1. Oh yeah, not THIS weekend, next. Man I’m glad you mentioned that Rick. Otherwise I’d have been really embarrased as I’ve invited a bunch of people to come along!

  2. 86.52 feet. Man, that is addictive. For you AZ types, perhaps a little golf is in order, since you probably have more grass in view than we Vermonters at the moment. If you haven’t already seen this, it’s worth wasting a few moments of your day.

  3. geeeez, i wish i were there. why all the cool stuff AFTER i leave tempe? 🙁

    have fun guys. hey, anybody know if long wongs is still on mill avenue? i crave those damn honey q wings.

  4. I’ve seen Long Wongs around town and have never stopped in. There is one on Thomas near 70th St and I’ve seen a bunch of others. I don’t know about one on Mill Ave.

  5. Hey Jeff, yeah, I think it’s too short notice to enter. Would you like to volunteer?

    Todd suggested we put someone in a clear ball and toss them off the end of the pier. Do you want to volunteer? We were thinking about getting a big rubberband (like a water baloon launcher) and launching it that way.

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