Project Opportunity: Looking for Developers

Tornado is currently seeking interested parties to discuss a medical web site development project collaboration. We’re looking for a development company that most likely has multiple developers on staff or can bring together a very seasoned team that has worked together in the past. This project is for a Phoenix company that wants to be first to market and is highly determined to meet a January 15th launch deadline. Because of this tight deadline we are looking both in state as well as at any out of state companies that are interested. I would like to stay local if possible. If you know someone who could help we would be interested in hearing from you or them.

We have a site map prepared and will be preparing additional documentation this week and would like to pull in a development company as soon as possible. The project can begin right away and a development language is to be determined based on recommendations from development firms. We’re open to PHP, Ruby, Cold Fusion, .NET, etc.

Feel free to email cmt at tornadodesign with your interest.

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