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I thought I would give you a little update on our project folder situation. As you remember a little over a year ago I was quickly converted to using project folders. It came about after a conversation with a friend of mine. We were talking about the Getting Things Done book and I was telling him how the book suggested creating a folder for everything.

About half of our project folders today:

The trouble I have long had with file folders is that papers come out too easily and sometimes not all of your projects files can fit inside a folder. This was the case more often than not!

My friend explained how he uses ‘job jackets’ and immediately I changed the GTD folders to GTD project folders. But not the small kind, I’m using the tabloid size fitting catalog envelopes. They’re huge and I can fit up to two years worth of magazines inside, or all of the drawings, notes, and papers that are created while building a web site.

In the first two months that I used project folders, I went through my entire first box of 100 folders. I tore my entire archive system apart and took everything out of my file cabinet. I turned an utter mess into an organized system. I’m more organized now than I have ever been in my life. The sad thing is, I still have a long way to go.

Then during the rest of the last year here at Tornado we ‘opened’ almost 200 extra project folders. We create a new one for every single project, whether it’s a side project that needs attention or an upcoming vacation. The beauty of it is that everything is in one place and we can find it.

This model has worked very good since our company has been growing. For a long while the folders have been completely unorganized, even strewn about the office. Then Kent took an entire day recently and completely organized the filing system creating order out of chaos. It’s wonderful.

All in all I would highly recommend project folders. If you’re curious about getting started feel free to ask me a question or read about the project folders we use now in my post from last year.

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  1. Questions…

    What about stuff like a PDF file? Do you print it out and put into yr project folders?

  2. Nah, a PDF file is stored on the file server. Project folders are great for storing printed site maps, wireframes, signed contracts, client collateral samples, business cards, and that sort of thing. All of the stuff that ends up sitting on your desk and clutters your workplace. It all goes in project folders.

  3. I would definately be interested in chatting over this. Are you going to be at Creative Connect next week? I stopped going for a while but since i started going again i haven’t seen you there.

  4. If you’re going to be at the next Creative Connect I’ll make a point to attend. I’ve been going to Refresh Phoenix and it often coincides with Creative Connect (but not this month for some reason). I’ll try to get there around 6:30 sharp.

  5. Hi,

    I really like the idea which you have used with the GTD folders and I really thing it will help me adopting it.

    With that being said, could I please kindly ask, whats the name of the company that makes the envelopes (which you have included in the above image) and from where do you purchase them?

    Many Thanks

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