Prefix & Kilograma

I have seen two interesting restaurant / food concepts and wanted to tell you what I thought of each. They’re both interesting new spins on old ideas. The first one I have not experienced, however I did experience the second.

Bozeman, MT
The idea behind Prefix is that you can schedule an appointment and prefix about two weeks of meals which you cook at home. Prefix provides the ingredients and serving trays and comes up with a menu for that month. It’s less expensive than the services that deliver meals to your door and gives you the appreciation of making the meals yourself. Their is a great writeup about this over at the Cafe Evoke blog.

Kilograma Restaurant
Rio de Janeiro
Kilograma is a buffet with a different concept. Instead of being an all you can eat restaurant, customers simply pay by weight. So if you’re not very hungry you only pay a little bit of money. What I liked: Since the temptation doesn’t exist to eat as much as you can (since you would have to pay more), you get the enjoyment of a buffet without having to eat a ton.

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  1. My wife and her friends go every so often to a place here in Houston that is very similiar to Prefixed — although at the moment I cant seem to recall the name.

    Aside from the appreciation of making the meals yourself, also comes the joy of doing it in someone elses kitchen and being able to leave the mess for someone else to clean up 😉

    This place in Houston gives out generous portions, so a couple of weeks of food can actually last you much longer than that if you’re into leftovers. The receipes are really good too. I cant recall really not having anything I didnt completely enjoy.

  2. Mark, that’s really cool. It sounds like a wonderful way for people to make a transition to eating out less. Or the other way around: Not spend so much time cooking and cleaning up. Thanks.

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