Pluto Booted, What’s Next?

Now that Pluto has been officially booted off the solar system, and not even considered a planet, I wonder what or who could be next?

What kind of world is this where a bunch of scientists can get together and decide to boot planets? Does this mean we’re going to blow up Pluto? Are we going to take all of Iran’s nukes and blow it up? I think it’s high time we get some clarification here.

And what exactly is this process like? Was there a vote? Is this some sort of a secret society?

I imagine the meeting went like this:

Waldo: “Hey Jim, we need to get some publicity for our product, Plutonium.”

Jim: “Hmmm, you’re right. What if we booted Pluto from the solar system?”

Waldo: (eating a sandwich) “Mmmffmmememnmormfff, ok.”

And that’s how it probably went down. One planet at a time, they’ll boot ’em for marketing reasons. What one could be next? Will Mercury go next, just because of global warming?

16 responses to “Pluto Booted, What’s Next?”

  1. I’m all for applying the boot to [insert the obvious here]

    If anything, it needs to be renamed. I kinda thing “Mmmffmmememnmormfffok” would be a cool replacement name.

  2. I’m all for it. I never really considered it a planet ever since i did a report on it in the 8th grade. Both it and its moon orbit the same unseen gravitational center (i.e. an actual planet) And with the advent of newer better telescopes they are finding plenty of larger than pluto objects orbiting the sun on differing orbiting planes.

    So pluto gets its own place. Leading the group of red-headed stepchildren in the celestial family we like to call the solar system.

  3. Once they boot a few planets, they’ll thrust us away from the sun so the effects of it aren’t so great. I saw it on a Futurama episode the other night. 😉

  4. I am game for that happening. I have been pushing for a polar shift southward for the last while anyways in hope of getting Arizona out of this desert state. With the snow in march I am thinking some of the top brass may have gotten my letters.

  5. Don’t forget they found a new planet not to long ago and the unoffical name is Xena which proves the scientist nerds don’t get enough action.

  6. If pluto is now a planet then why is it still here helping to hold our cosmic(9 planets) orbit in place./ Furthermore to do this unclassification of a planet is stupid. If Pluto is no longer a planet then so be it, otherwise get rid of it. Just kidding dont get rid of it. I think Pluto is the oil in our solar system bearing and that if you socialy kick it to the curb then we the people will be pissed.
    So take it back

  7. i think pluto should not be blown up because why would you go to the trouble to blow it up? i mean seriously…

  8. yo,sup well man you know you should blow it up because its stupid. Besides I told my friend they blew it up so BLOW IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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