Play on the Cingular logo

This goes under the waste of time category but still funny. I was trying to come up with a better slogan for Tornado and was looking around at what some other companies were using. Then saw the Cingular slogan and add an ‘N’ at the end and whala.

6 responses to “Play on the Cingular logo”

  1. Whala is the NEW and IMPROVED way to spell it. I’m currently in charge of the spelling of that word so that’s how I know.

  2. It was years and years before I discovered that “voila” (seen in books) and “Walla” (heard in conversation) were the same word… Oh well, at least I never said “Vo-ila” in front of anyone…

  3. Hehe, yeah, I guess I never thought about it much although it’s pretty obvious.

  4. Oh and nice work with the logo… I switched to AT&T to get away from Cingular… so of course, they merged… 🙁

  5. Haha, I now have at least some reception at my office with Cingular. It could just be my new phone. I’m pretty sure the font is Avenir.

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