Here’s a new site from Plantronics that I liked. It is surprising how many companies these days are rushing to have space prizes. I wonder how the insurance companies deal with this. The only thing I don’t like about this site are all of the zig zag lines in the background and the interlaced horizontal lines. It’s distracting.

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  1. It’s also very inconsistent – click on the “trip to space” link itself and you’ll see that the layout suddenly shifts left, the background has disappeared, and there are no more rollovers. Several links do this, and many go to entirely different layouts, and in some cases, annoying flash movies.

    Bah. I just dislike them in general. They laid off a bunch of people (my father included) a few years back when they weren’t even in financial crisis – it was one of their best years yet – and just wanted to save a few bucks, so they fired anyone who had been there long enough to be earning a higher salary than the job usually pays. They fired one guy who had been there 30 years. And hired entry-level grads to fill most of their positions.

    Hooray Plantronics!

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