PlanHQ Launches, Online Tool for Building Business Plans

I’ve mentioned PlanHQ before and wanted to point out that they have officially launched. It’s a web site that makes it easy to build a business plan. I like it because it makes building a business plan something you can collaborate on, and build outside of a “document.”

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  1. Thanks Chris, Definitely trying to get out of that document mode of operating, its just to flat a way of looking at any idea or your business.

    Tomas, Are you saying you’d want to be able to collaborate around a business plan which you can easily keep up to date, monitor progress against anytime and produce investment quality information for free? or wouldn’t be able to get this much financial value back from this micro monthly investment?

    I love free stuff too, but happily spend anywhere between $15 and $50 for each business application we use to run our businesses, from crm, project mgmt, billing, accounting… each application that helps you run your business better especially grow is worth paying for to ensure you get good service.

    Its really all about using tools like this to grow your business and run things smater… and that means more money for you as a business, our prices are really just enough to make sure we can make thse applications a reality,

    just a thought anyway,



  2. Hi Tim,

    I apologize if I’ve offended any of the PlanHQ developers as I do believe you have a nice product that many will be willing to pay for.

    Personally, sometimes building a business doesn’t allow for additional spending, and bootstrapping to the extreme is a must – entrepreneurs are challenged to be as resourceful as possible at times so…

    • crm, project management – Goplan, Tick, or 37signals’ products = free
    • billing – FreshBooks = free
    • accounting – QuickBooks simple start = currently free with rebate
    • business plans – local public library = free

    Yes, it’s a patchwork of items that may be a pain in the rear to combine, but sometimes you’ve got to do with what you’re given. Just my 2 cents.


  3. cheers for the followup Tomas,

    Agree with bootstrapping and building the business on a shoestring, thats the only way I’ve ever done it too.

    I use plenty of tools including the ones you’ve mentioned for free to get going, but I’m pretty careful on whats simply a cost and whats an investment that really helps you come through the startup phase a success, and as a result just don’t cut back on good quality applications that help you meet all your early stage goals, and I guess we’ve made planHQ to fit right in here and be something that helps you succeed as a startup instead of struggle,

    btw: never offended, its the web : )



  4. Hello again Tim!

    I wish you all the best on PlanHQ, and it’s great to see that you have a passion for the app you’ve created! Never hesitate to contact me via my blog to let me know how PlanHQ is doing. Actually, it would be nice to find out how people are benefiting from the app once they start putting some miles on it.


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