PlanHQ: Helping you plan your new business

I know a number of people that are starting new ventures. Some people have small businesses that they are beginning, and others have large ones.

Writing business plans is not a lot of fun, so it’s interesting to see a web site that supposedly helps you do just that. I have found that the best way to write business planning type documents is to imagine your audience and write for them. The temptation to write a business plan and be all professional is over rated. Don’t do it! Write as if you are writing to a friend. The truth comes out then, and your passion for what it is will shine through.

The folks at PlanHQ look like they have a neat product coming along. It’s in a closed beta phase at the moment, but what it does is help you write your business plan, and do your research. Neat idea.

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  1. Thanks Chris,

    We are letting people in still, especially if they write about us : ) I don’t think you’re on board yet, if you want to be just pop over and sign-up and we’ll get you and any of readers on board ASAP.

    We are trying to make planning simple and more fun, written a lot of plans before also, and really are solving a problem I’ve faced many times.



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