Pie in the Sky

I just ran across Pie in the Sky yesterday and have to say that everything is perfect here. You’ve got great photography, great layout, crisp easy to read copy and on top of that the logo is slick! It was designed by a local agency.

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  1. Connections James, connections. Hahaha. j/k

    Actually, not many people know this and I’ll let you in on a secret. There’s a small troup of midget albinos in Iceland that send me links to web sites that are cool. I pay them with goats and sometimes shipments of goat cheese.

    Shhh… I think it’s against 9rules rules but since nobody knows what the rules are (and those that know don’t talk about them) I can’t be sure.

  2. I just saw this website somewhere. I think it might have been the Create magazine. I like the use of white space, but I think the interior pages could have been built better. The content feels pretty cramped and they keep using Italics/BoldItalics which isn’t very legible. Overall though, 8/10.

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