Photo Radar in Scottsdale

There’s a great article in the Arizona Republic today about photo radar. Here are some choice quotes. Just goes to show that you have almost a zero chance of getting out of a speeding ticket, but your odds are better in Scottsdale.

However an Arizona Republic analysis found that of the nearly 46,700 tickets generated by speed cameras on Scottsdale streets last year, 412 defendants went to court and 13 percent, or 52 people, walked out with no fine.

By comparison, officers wrote 13,106 speeding tickets last year on Scottsdale streets. Of those, 411 took their cases to court and nearly 7 percent, or 27, won.

But a review of taped hearings shows that Scottsdale judges have dumped photo-enforcement tickets for a variety of reasons, including bad brakes, wet streets and an unsteady foot on the clutch.

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