Played any great PC games lately?

I’m behind the times when it comes to the best PC games. I have $35 remaining on a Best Buy gift card and wondered if I should buy a game? What’s the current lineup of great games to play? If I can’t find a good game I’m just going to get a new mouse.

11 responses to “Played any great PC games lately?”

  1. If you have the urge to blow stuff up, shoot stuff, and break things, grab a copy of Unreal Tournament 2004 (I don’t think the ’05 edition would run on your laptop too well). It’s also good to play if you’re really mad at certain clients.

  2. Why are we discussing games that aren’t even released yet? I agree Battlefield 2 looks awesome, but it’s at least another month before you’ll be able to play it. There has been no Unreal 2005 even announced – although a bunch of games are in development using the Unreal 3 engine – I’ll probably buy an Xbox 2 to play them. I finally bought UT 2004, because not only is it a good game on it’s own, there are several really good total conversions that make it several more games for no more money. One of these makes it Halo, with better graphics than the real Halo!

  3. Battlefield 2 looks really amazing. I just can’t believe the graphics capabilities available today. Wow, any other good ones I should check out?

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