Passed the 10,000 mark

Just the other day I passed the 10,000 photo mark with my digital camera (Nikon 990). It took me just under 3-years. What’s even more amazing is that I still have almost every single shot from that period of time and in total my digital album is over 10GB.

What’s yours and how long have you had your camera?
Update: I’m also interested to know about how people manage their photo collections.

With so many pictures I organize them in folders using the following date format:
YEAR-MONTH-DAY-Short-description-of-event, so today would be 2003-12-23 and I would include a description.

I also bought Picassa ( and use it to browse and view photos however it isn’t built for managing such a vast collection. I am curious about what people use and any techniques you’d be able to share.

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