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Anybody use Outlook? I do, and I just had a tip for you people who use the Task system inside it. Outlook comes default with just one Task list but you can create as many as you want. Just add a new folder and specify it as a task in the type pull down. I’m using multiple task lists. I set up task lists for managing the different areas of my life.

My current task lists are: Projects, Calls/Talk, Updates, Prospects, and Personal. I’m sure this will be changing over time.

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  1. Yeah, it’s made a big impact on my productivity so far. I’m planning to write more about this.

  2. I knew there had to be a reason people had stopped writing Task Mgmt Software, Outlook had cornered the market.

    So simple yet so powerful thanks for pointing this out. I feel rather daft for not figuring it out myself.

  3. Thanks for the tip. Very useful. Except that I can’t assign tasks to others from any other task list than the original one. Do you have any solution to this?

  4. When trying to send the Task Request by Assigning it to someone, Outlook says:

    “This task is not in your Tasks folder. The task will not be updated when you receive responses or updates unless you move it to your Tasks folder. Are you sure you want to continue?”

    I’d like to keep separate task folders for each project and still be able to assign tasks. How to do that?

  5. Apparently you just can’t. I guess it’s because Outlook doesn’t know if the person you assign the task to has the same task folder.

  6. Yes and this can be a problem. I want to collaborate with others on these multiple task lists and I am not able to. Even if I share them, the other people cannot view them under Shared Tasks. Unless I am doing something wrong…..any ideas?

  7. thank you for the useful task list tidbit. You’ve made a difference for me.

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