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Again, imported from a static page, now it’s here for the archive.

CSS Zen Garden– New!
A demonstration of what can be accomplished visually through CSSbased design.

“http://www.excessvoice.com/”>Excess Voice– New!
For web site copywriters…

Boards – Screening Room (TV Commercials in QT format!)– New!
I’ve got over 1.5GB of QT TV ads stored up on our server. Most are from the days of AdCritic (at least, when it was free). Now most of my QT ads come from this site, which offers up a plethora of new ads every month which you can download and save.

Stop Design– New!
The designer of much of Wired Magazine’s online media, some earlier versions of Lycos, plus much more. He frequently writes about X-HTML and code.

Squidfingers– New!
Check out the wonderful patterns you can use on your web site. This guy has some real gems.

Speak Up – New!It’s all about design and discussion over at Speak Up. They discuss design, business, books and articles, as well as general design talk. Check it out!

xBlog : The visual thinking weblog – New!
"is a place to find (mostly) visual communication links"

Signal Vs. Noise – New!
A terrific discussion blog about all things design and web orientated. They usually have new topics every week day.

One of the most attractive web sites out there that is devoted to furthering web development. You can find design resources, book recommendations, interviews, plus enough eye candy to inspire.

Design Interact, part of the commarts network
Fantastic! Check it every week for a new site review, interviews with design firms, and more!

One of the better resources for web developers. Don’t miss the great Logo collection.

James of Ordinary-Life.net
Look how smart he is! Why shouldn’t you hire him?

Design Not Found (by 37 signals)
This site exposes the flaws and usability problems common among web sites. 37Signals goes after some of the design issues facing most companies.

Web Designers Experiments
The layout on this site is great, plus it’s a great resource for cutting edge design

Cool Web Design
It’s a great resource for seeing new sites, but it’s hard to tell who is who and why they got added…

Digital Thread
This site has been around for years… always a good resource.

They linked to me, and I got a lot of hits… Thanks!

Macromedia Showcase
Macromadia normally showcases a Flash site every day.

webtools::webdesign resources
They also linked to me, thanks guys!

Wow Web Designs
A unique design. I like how you can write reviews, and see what tools were used to build the site.

Adobe Design Studio Gallery
I love the design of this Adobe web site. Check out the Portfolios.

Design Project
This site hasn’t been updated in a while, but it is still a great site.

Handy for finding out who your local competition is, make sure you’re listed!

Creative Hotlist, part of the commarts network
For sure you’ll want to check out the online portfolio samples.

Nice site! They feature URL’s, similar to this site except they have screenshots and it is all sorted by a database.

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