OSX: CSS Editors, RSS Readers, FTP, and Chat

Hi folks, curious to know your recommendations for Mac versions of the following product lines. I’ll link to the products I’ve tried already. My favorites on the PC side for some comparison are
For FTP: SmartFTP, For CSS Editing: TopStyle, For RSS Reading: Feedreader, For instant messages: Trillian.

CSS Editors: Dreamweaver is all I’ve tried.
RSS Readers: Thunderbird (yes, it has RSS built in), NewsMac, NewsFire, Shrook
FTP: Cyberduck (best so far), RBrowserLite, Transmit 3,
Chat: Adium X (I like this), iChat

2 responses to “OSX: CSS Editors, RSS Readers, FTP, and Chat”

  1. Transmit 3 is definitely the best of the bunch. I tried CyberDuck (and used RBrowserLite prior to that) and I couldn’t stand it.

    Chat: I prefer iChat, but Fire’s really nice if you need multiple instant messaging clients.

    RSS: Shrook is the best that I found. You’re missing the quinessential RSS client for Mac OS X: NetNewsWire.

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