Scenario #1 (Or how I avoided a potentially sticky situation)

This is going to be humorous for a few people so just bear with me here.

A developer gets a call from some designers and they are concerned about a certain few web sites going offline that some other developers had produced and host. The designers are concerned because they say the developers want more money than was agreed (saying they never saw a proposal). The designers are checking the waters with other developers in town (who they have worked with in the past) to get some feedback.

It’s clear that the original designers and developers have a disagreement and the new developer decides to research. The new developer snoops around a little bit and realizing he knows everybody involved. Deciding he doesn’t want to get in the middle of things the new developer decides to decline saying he doesn’t want to affect his relationship with the original developers.

The question is, was this the right course of action in this scenario? I think so.

Sidebar: For the folks involved don’t worry, nothing is gonna happen and if you wanna talk just let me know (I’m cool).

One response to “Scenario #1 (Or how I avoided a potentially sticky situation)”

  1. It’s never fun picking sides when you know both parties. I think it was the right thing to do. In my previous job I found myself in that same position between quarreling parties more than once—that’s right I said previous job, it was in the workplace. In situations like that I found that I could at least (some of the time) play the peacemaker.

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