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The OpenDNS project is pretty cool, and has probably benefited from having a great web site.

Even more, I bet that this single button is responsible for thousands of additional sign ups.

How could a simple button do so much work? It’s plastered all over the web site. Everywhere you look it’s there. It’s a great tactic, and something we plan to do with our web application once we launch. Subtle technique and it works.

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  1. I agree. It is quite effective, especially for a service such as this where you’re basically hearding people in with a free, easy to configure service.

    Admittedly, I hadn’t heard of OpenDNS before reading your article, but now I’m sold on the idea. I’ve since set it up with my Belkin (even if the instructions to do so are a bit outdated for newer models). Nevertheless, I’ve noticed a slight speed increase and the extra phising couldn’t hurt on top of Firefox’s methods.

    As for your forthcoming web service, let me know if you need a tester (or two).

  2. I don’t know if it’s subtle or not, but the Get Started button does work.

    Thanks for noticing, and thanks for trying OpenDNS.

    John Roberts

  3. Hi John, thanks for stopping in at BrainFuel. So far the speed improvements have been really neat. I’m excited about it.

    Thanks Erik for the interest, we will definitely have a beta program and I will keep you in mind.