Once upon a time…

I’m going to start a story and everyone should post a single sentence in the comments that continues the story… And don’t worry, this is the only time I’m planning to do this. You can post as often as you like.

There was once a guy named Rudolph and he was walking down the road one day when. . .

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  1. Whipping out his trusty IBM laptop, Rudolp challenged the giant beaver to a hacking duel. Luckily for him, the giant beaver only used his mac to listen to music and organize photos, so he had no clue how to hack into the IBM laptop. Humbled and defeated, the giant beaver grumbled off, leaving a greasy trail of sludge behind him.

  2. “…not having a lot of time since he had to get back to stop the running bathtub water, Rudolph grabbed 3 of them, tucked them in his underwear, and hurried home.”

  3. “… But then disaster struck! Rudolph could not find his rubber ducky. He grabbed a towel, wrapped it around his waist, and searched throughout the house for his favorite bath-time companion. After he looked around for a full five minutes, it finally struck him—’The BEAVER took my rubber-ducky! This means war!’ he cried valiently, and after putting all his clothes back on, he ran out the door unwashed and furious!”

  4. “…Meanwhile, at the Beaver family home, pappa beaver was telling his kids a bedtime story… in the middle of the day!!!”

  5. “… Then suddenly, Rudolph broke down the door, pointed his bony finger at the beaver who he assumed had stolen his rubber ducky, and screamed ‘Give me back my rubber ducky, you tree-eating cretin!’”

  6. “…Then all of a sudden, Bigfoot came running along, and by an unfortunate accident, stepped on the poor little duck. Unfortunately for Bigfoot, that is, because, since the duck was made partially out of titanium, Bigfoot injured his right foot, and had to spend a month in the hospital…”

  7. “…So many people came to the hospital to see Bigfoot that they had to open a special wing just for him. Bigfoot signed a contract for a movie and is currently writing a book about the ordeal.”

  8. *insert comment* This storyline will stand forever as a testament to the collectively creative minds of everyone on this forum. Either that, or we all just have ADD really bad! haha

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