October (Link)Fest

Hi folks, here’s some cool links from the last 23 days…

Some cool photos of chocolate sweets.

Amazon Media Manager Plugin for WordPress.

Mayomi is an awesome Flash app that allows you to make Mind Maps.

A good site for testing your upload or download bandwidth.

Top ten web design mistakes, 2005 edition

Torani needs a new web site www.torani.com

If you ever need to install blogs for a lot of people (like a university web site) try Plog.

I bet you’ve never seen the original Apple Computer logo, huh?

Easy PHP Calendar system.

Super Mario Bros. Sprites

Google plans to open up shop in Phoenix. ” There is also no indication of how many jobs will be involved in the deal, but sources say the number will be substantial.”

I didn’t read the whole post but the part about development in this piece is priceless.


Remember The Milk is a very cool looking online to-do list system.

The Walrus and The Carpenter (Via Andrew).

A 700 mile square Wi-Fi hot spot in Rural Oregon is making waves.

What does the “Enter Mail Exchanger” area mean in Plesk when setting MX DNS records? Yeah, this is for my future reference.

The story of Beef Stroganoff.

Why do electronics stores check your receipt when you exit? To find out, read the comments in this post.

SEOChat.com and the Google Page Rank Future Query Tool.

What does your favorite computer game look like on a widescreen display?

Clever optical illusion in an ad.

VentureVoice – some cool mp3 interviews with different people.

FlickIt looks like a cool little OS X Widget that integrates with Flickr.

Rock art. Also check out these interseting photos from Namibia.

AdverBox has a ton of cool ads.

My WordPress.com blog (or rather, my Superblog)…

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