Now it’s stomach friendly

I saw this crazy headline on the Folgers web site. Who thought this beauty up? The first thing it does is make me wonder which variety of Folgers coffee is going to turn my stomach. Sheesh. This is why the industry has “light roast.”

Oh well, at least they got this other ad campaign right.

2 responses to “Now it’s stomach friendly”

  1. Tropicana and other orange juice producers introduced a “Low Acid” orange juice a while back. I think that might have been a better choice than something that makes me think “this won’t give you ulcers like our regular product.”

    Give me a Kenyan blend any day, though. When it comes to coffee I prefer the darkest possible.

  2. I agree with Michael in that the stronger the coffee the better. I would have to say for a generic cup of coffee, nothing beats one from Dunkin Donuts. I would like to see how the new stomach friendly coffee is though, maybe it will change the lives to coffee drinkers every where! Just as long as it as the same or more kick to get you going in the morning.

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