The Novell web site is actually quite nice. The navigation is clear and consistent. Plenty of white space and the photos are a bit more interesting than say what some other companies might use.


Easy to use. Clean navigation. Nothing fancy, just easy.


A unique navigation experience unlike most you will have experienced. Gain.AIGA was a collaborative effort on the part of many designers at different times. One of the many designers who worked on this site was this guy while at Sapient.

Lego Serious Play (original concept)

What is it with corporations destroying (final version) the great design and usability of web sites? Most of my clients have the ability to understand and improve a design concept, but what is it with Lego? Couldn’t they appreciate this design (same link as at left). By the way, it was designed by Yeah, I know. I linked to this site in September.


Kool. 🙂

African Voices

Nice use of color and imagery that fills up the screen. has an article on this site that is rather interesting as well.

Picture of an airplane breaking sound barrier

Check out this photo of an airplane breaking the sound barrier! Pretty cool stuff.

RMB Vivid

The portfolio shows some splendid work. They did the Vulcan logo and web site for Paul Allen.

Mercedes-Benz (USA)

Click around a bit and enjoy the full screen section of the site which includes audio and video which brings to mind some of the Apple in-store demonstration apps.

Sony CLIÉ Handheld

Wonderful use of color and graphics.


Nicely done navigation. 100% ease of use.

NASA Time Capsule Flash Intro

A nicely done flash intro. Could easily pass for a simple movie trailer.

Wiseman & Gale

Nice and simple. I like how relaxed it feels.

Fusion Design

Interesting company that appears to have done quite a bit of work over the years.

Tripod Interactive

Excellent color selections and the stock photos work superbly well. Lots of white space.


Excellent use of colors! I like this site a lot.

Giant Studios

Very cool flash introduction but needs some work on the sound effects and sub pages.

GE Lighting Auditor

An interesting use of forms and graphics. It looks easy to use.


Interesting use of imagery and color. It is the portfolio of Nelwin Uy.

ziba design

Uncluttered design layout, but hard to see navigation.


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