I just signed up for MyMileMarker, a new service that I expected to be a trip log tool, but turns out to be a way to track your vehicles mileage and the cost of filling up your tank. It’s a great idea, and such a simple tool.

I love the terms of service, here’s what it says:

It’s a web site… it won’t destroy your computer. We’ll take your data and store it, but if we lose it, we’re sorry. We’ll probably sell aggregate data (but not your name or email address) to advertisers. We reserve the right to charge for this at some point. These terms might change in the future, but if they do, we’ll let you know. Cool?

Now, if they would just update it to include a trip log, it would be golden. There is a complete review at Solution Watch.

6 responses to “MyMileMarker”

  1. This is an interesting site, and I like the design, but I have to wonder how useful it will actually be. When I was commuting an hour to work every day I don’t know that I’d want to use what precious little free time I had to enter in a bunch of data about my car mileage. You’ll have to keep me posted on what you end up doing with it.

  2. What would be really useful and great is a WAP site or at least a thin-client that interfaces with the backend of this app so that you can enter data in over the air while you’re actually out, on the road (not while driving, of course! lol). Then get back to the office/home/space and further manage the account with your already uploaded data.

    Nice idea, though.

  3. I signed up for it last night. Perfect fit for the iphone except for the fact that it doesn’t keep login cookies.. I am always missing a pen when I am filling up so I can record the current mileage. With EDGE wireless, I can access the site while I’m waiting for the tank to fill, and enter my mileage.

  4. *side note: I filled up my 89 honda accord this am at calculated 31 mpg! but i didn’t use this app to figure it out – just the calculator on my iPhone. well, okay, i don’t have an iPhone, but i wish i did. i used the calculator on my Motorola Q (on which the calculator SUX!!!).

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