My toaster is suddenly outdated

When was the last time you said to yourself “hey, I wish I could cook an EGG at the same time I’m making my toast.” Well, if that’s you your day is coming. This product is coming to a store near you this fall. A quick poll of my friends says this product won’t be in any of their homes.

Would you buy it?

6 responses to “My toaster is suddenly outdated”

  1. i hate to say it, but these things never take off. anybody remember the quesadilla maker, or the microwave+stove combo, where you could scramble one egg and cook bacon all in the trunk of you’re car….

  2. As an item sold late night on television or through special order, then yeah. This item will probably never succeed. However, if they provide a warranty and get wal-mart to sell the things at an affordable price (maybe $5 more than a normal toaster) then I bet they’d sell a ton of ’em.

  3. …it only has 2 slots in the toaster! If they don’t make a four slotted version, they remove every family with 3 or more people from thier customer base. (No way anyone would buy 2)…and most single people either don’t eat breakfast, or grab it to go…IMO, it’s destined to fail.

  4. Why buy a toaster that can cook you an egg, when you already have a skillet sitting around?

    Actually, on second thought, it might prove itself useful for hotels. But for regular consumers, it doesn’t seem highly likely that it will become very popular.

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