MX 2004 Pro upgrade for $299?

So you’re a creative pro currently using Macromedia Studio MX… You know Macromedia’s announced a newer version, which including Flash Professional, costs $499 to upgrade to. That’s what their site store charges.

And along comes Amazon, selling the same thing for $299? It might a typo, but to save $200 on something you’ll buy anyways? We’ve already pre-ordered 2 copies. I think they’ll have to honor their advertising even if it is a mistake!

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One reply on “MX 2004 Pro upgrade for $299?”

I believe it’s a typo or rather miss-print. That is the actual pricing for an upgrade to Studio MX ’04 with Flash Professional FROM Studio MX ’04 (with Flash MX ’04) — see our price listings at

Look in the “You may also be interested in …” section. You’ll find a link to the “Studio MX 2004 Upgrade from Studio MX, MX 1.1, MX Plus with Flash Professional” page ( which accurately reflects the upgrade most users are probably looking to buy (an existing Studio MX upgrade to Studio MX ’04 w/Flash Pro) – and it’s the same as our price.

The $299 is basically the Flash MX ’04 Professional Upgrade price – see

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