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Motorola Q from Verizon

This looks like a really neat phone, plus it’s a cool site. Check out the Motorola Q from Verizon.

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  1. I’ve had my eye on this guy for the last month. I’m still looking to find a post that can verify how well Windows Mobile plays with Mac. If it can sync and support my bt headset then I say “add to cart.”

  2. I was interested in this also, until I read the bad reviews from the NY Times and Wall Street Journal. It looks like aa great-looking device and cheaper than the Treo, but apparently the usability of the device is awful, mostly due to the Windows Mobile software. Here’s a summary of those two reviews.

  3. I have a cell phone now that I never use…

    I really don’t get the whole cell phone craze, but I can understand it if you are a sales guy. I’m not.

    BUT, I did just get the new Nintendo DS Lite and spent the weekend playing Super Mario Bros! Man, I forgot how fun that game is. Super Mario Bros is some brilliant coding – so simple and yet so good.

  4. My brother just got this phone. It is an amazing phone and has many useable features for a business person. I would consider this device a good alternative to the blackberry.

    I almost went out and bought one for myself, but I didn’t want to pay the $45 a month for the data services. The phone isn’t worth purchasing if you don’t plan to have the data plan. And I didn’t want to give up my TMobile Sidekick II.