I stumbled across the MOSSO web site this morning and thought it was really classy. It will definitely appeal to fans of Apple’s clean style. It’s a hosting company.

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  1. Very sweet site – nice design, as a Mac user (and .net developer), you’re definitely right, Chris; it’s UI is very appealing!

    Great product, too. Only if you’re a reseller, though. One package, $100/mo. Great deal, even better company. Just a bummer they’re so simply and easy that they’ve eliminated the non-reseller market.

    Oh, well. Site is still eye candy. Mmmmm…..

  2. I met and had dinner with Pat Condon last week. He’s one of the founders of Rack Space, who backs Mosso, and he just wanted to get some insight into how to best support designers.
    Their target for this package are folks who need to offer hosting and support as a byproduct of their preffered service – in our case startegy and design. When I deliver a brochure, the job is done. When I deliver a website, clients call us for help configurring their email accounts. or at least they used to.
    Swell fellow, and I’m enjoying the service to date.

  3. I’ve been on Mosso for 6 months and have had issue after issue with them. possibly good for designers that do flash only or static sites. delivering sites via a database or CMS is very poor and spotting. not to mention significant email issues. too much spam to no email at all for days. give them another 6 months to see if they are still around.

  4. Any new news on Mosso? All i’ve heard is TERRIBLE things from everyone who has tried them. Yet once and a great while you’ll get a review like Barry Martin’s. He is just a fanboy because he knows the an owner is this company really not that bad??

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